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    Info Greetings from Germany

    Hello cartographers,
    as you can see, I'm new to this board and I truly am amazed to see so much useful stuff on just one site. I'm a 32 year old male from Germany and I'm an avid gamer since my early youth. I was eight when my mother got me the red box (D&D) and I never stopped playing since then. Naturally, as a DM, I had to come up with maps for my adventures and the worlds I built. What once began as pencil drawings on graph paper finally led me to digital mapping as I discovered the GIMP (and Inkscape) early this year.
    By trial and error I created maps I was quite pleased with as an amateur. Only after discovering this site I learned, what really can be done with the GIMP! There are many, many great tutorials on here and I'm soooo pleased to have found a site with such invaluable knowledge on map-making.
    As I'm still new to GIMP and having only scratched the surface of what really can be done with the prog, please don't expect useful advice from me; at least not now! I guess my skills will grow rapidly when working through the awesome tutorials.

    My recent maps pale in comparsion to the awesome stuff here, but I'll post a sample of my latest maps anyway!

    This is Ganiordaes, a nation from my homebrew.

    This is Truvanesh, a mining-town.

    And this is Glazuria, one of the mayor cities of Ganiordaes.
    I have done several other maps, but they are similar in style and quality.

    I usually draw my maps by hand, scan them and then overwork them using the GIMP. The maps look flat as I haven't figured out how to do shades and decent textures. I guess this will change in the near future!

    All of the maps are for my homebrew setting Angraenor, that me and my gaming group are developing since 2004. Infos on the setting can be found at the Angraenor-Wiki. It's all in german though... A world map can be found on the starting page too.

    As you already know, english isn't my first language, so please forgive any mistakes in phrasing you'll discover in my posts. I'm trying to improve, though...
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