There has been a fair number of posts on creating seamless textures for use in maps, the largest one here.

Extending on that topic, here is a technique to create seamless texture sets, or multiple tiles that are all seamless with one another. I first read about the technique in the dundjinni forums, as that program supports tile randomization.

The original site is not available:

but there is still a cache in the wayback machine:

As I don't know how long that will be available, I will walk through the process here.

The Tutorial

I am starting with an image from CGTextures that I have scaled down:
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I want 200x200 px tiles so I set the rectangular selection to be fixed 200x200:
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And copy and paste a selection to a new image:
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Which is made seamless using your preferred technique:
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This will be the base image that all other tiles will be made from. Duplicate the layer and make a squiggly feathered selection in the middle:
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