Ok So this time I didn't use the dungeon script (awesome script saves tons of time, but I wanted to give this a try), and decided for personal reasons as well as game reasons to do this "by hand."
Basically all the images I had gotten off of RPGshare, dundjinni, maptools etc, and manipulated them using gimp. Right now this is the first level of the school. On the first level I plan on having the two large forward rooms as library and then there will be the long hallways that go to the back of the building. Not sure how to utilize these rooms. The 2nd level will be "class rooms". The center round area is actually the base of the tower for the "head master." I'm gonna post a direct link to photobucket and image code. Tell me what you guys think and any links for books shelves, desks, or stuff to do with a wizard/sorcerers base would be awesome help. I plan on adding more of the color to the tiles and yes I know I need to put some tiles on the rounded steps, which I will do ASAP.

School of Magi

PS: how do you make/save your own pallete on Gimp???