As everyone must be tired of hearing by now I write ViewingDale and I am willing to ship a copy out to anywhere (that I am allowed to) as a prize so I thought that it would need a relevant challenge for it.

What I would think would be a great idea would be to have a world, a region, a city or town, a building and a token that fit together.

Gasp what all of those ? No, you can steal all of them from anywhere including these boards and the CWBP but you must create just one of them new.

The point of the challenge is that they must all be viewed top down and should all match up so that they fit together.

So you could create a new token for a fighter character and put him on an existing map of a castle then choose a town, a region, and a world for them to go on.

Or you could take the CWBP world, pick a CWBP region and create a new town for it. But you should also find a suitable building and character token for that building too.

You may substitute the building for a battle map scale bit of terrain, or a boat for the building etc just as long as there are there is a set of items at those approximate scales. For example, you can substitute a monster as the character token if you feel like.

You could create more than one of the items but you should select one part as the challenge entry.

Entries will be marked on quality and originality plus the ability for them to all fit together.