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Thread: Carsus&Cathus: Two Worlds War

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    Wip Carsus&Cathus: Two Worlds War

    I got to thinking (aka, I was bored, needed something to do) one night, and I suddenly had an idea for a map, which 10 minutes later I had a rough-sketch of on a piece of paper. So I dedicated yesterday and today to making the main graphix for it, and I hope you like them, but heres a quick summary of why they are at war:

    The Carsians are a technologocally advanced species, and their planet is a tropic paradise, but their almost constant rains have had them working on creating a device to control the weather. The Cathians live underground, where it is also basically a paradise (beautiful underground waterfalls, gems along the walls, etc) but wish for a better place to live, as their underground tunnels (thousands-millions of years old) have started to collapse at different areas, and so many of them have started to fear for their lives, and want a new place to live. The Cathians prize possesions are a rare type of rainbow-colored jewel (gem, diamond, idk what exactly its called), called the Kytonian Jewel (pronounced like Kitoneun) that can be used as an everlasting powersource, and also has some other attributes (healing powers, it glows , uh... weather control (with the right devices) and many other things), making them very prized possessions to the Cathians. The Carsians discovered that they could control their weather if they had some Kytonians, and decided to take all of them from the Cathians and use the Cathians as slave labor to mine for more. At the same time, the Cathians decided that the Carsians homeworld of Carsus would be a suitable place to live. An ensuing war broke out in a couple of months, but it is unsure of who fired the first shot (although their is some rumor that an outside source may have tried to get this war started.).

    Also, although the Carsians are more technologically advanced, the Cathians are slightly technologically advanced, and what they dont have in advanced weapons, they make up for in numbers.

    So yea thats a kinda backstory for why these to worlds are at war. Hope its not to confusing, as this is the first time I have ever made a backstory to one of my maps. I guess Ill just go ahead and put the image up now

    Oh and things to do:

    1) Add a space fleet
    2) Add the title
    3) Remember what else there was I was gonna do.....

    And without further delay (I hope.. ) Carsus (left) and Cathus (right):
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