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Thread: Idea for "lite" mapping challenges

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    Post Idea for "lite" mapping challenges

    I've noticed a recent trend with the mapping challenges that has inspired an idea...

    The challenges have involved taking a pre-existing layout and building a map based on that layout... so what if the lite mapping challenges were to create those layouts?

    For example, lets say the January lite mapping challenge would be to design a floorplan for a castle. The February (regular) mapping challenge could be to take that floorplan and flesh it out with a style, apply a plot/mood/theme, etc.

    [Updated 28 Oct 2008] Another idea (thanks Ascension!) would be to have the lite challenge create an object (say, a top-down view of a statue) or even a map background like a crumpled sheet of paper, and the regular challenge would have to incorporate the winner's object/background/etc into their map.
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