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Thread: Interesting colour search tool on Flickr

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    Post Interesting colour search tool on Flickr

    Have a look at this tool on Flickr which searches for images by colour pallete. Not sure what use it might be for mapping but it's pretty cool to play around with.

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    That's really cool.

    I guess you could put in a few colours and find a picture that you like the look of which would have more colours in it. Then you could pixelate that and get a colour palette? Anyway, as you say, its really just a nifty little widget.

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    This could be handy for all of us who like the satellite style map and we could put in some mountain colors and find the Google images of mountain ranges.
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    Yeah I saw that today too but couldn't think of a good idea for it other than when you need to make mosaics out of images.

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