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    **** Update 08.01.2009 ****
    New version of GURM is out.

    Change log for GURM V0.7:
    • Added some basic error windows
      - GURM now tells you, if the paths set in the gurm.ini are wrong
      - GURM now tells you, if it cant find the gurm.ini
      Earlier versions simply closed without any feedback
    • Started to clean up the code
    • Fixed progress bar count
    • Added support for .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and .gif files for the Pattern Manager
    • Added support for .svg files for the Gradient Manager
    • Fixed sorting for GUI

    Please consider to upgrade to this version, even if you do not need its changes, as I plan to write an upgrade script beginning with the next update for GURM, which will make updating easier. This script will require V0.7 or later as I made a minor code change how the script searches for the gurm.ini.

    How to upgrade

    • Unzip the attached to a temporary folder
    • Copy the new to the plug-ins folder. Please be sure to either remove the old version or overwrite it.
    • Set the path to the gurm.ini in the new Please be aware that it has changed in this version. Be sure to read the readme.
    • Version 0.7 has a change to the gurm.ini file which means:
    • You either have to overwrite your existing gurm.ini with the new one and set the paths again (recommended for less computer experienced peps as you can follow the readme)
    • Or add the changes manually:
      - change the pattern manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
      extensions = .pat,.jpg,.png,.tiff,.bmp,.gif,
      - change the gradient manager extensions line to (be careful to end the line with a "," and dont use any spaces between the ",":
      extensions = .ggr,.svg,

    Quick upgrade for those who allready manually fixed the gurm.ini
    If you allready did those gurm.ini changes you do not have to do anything with the gurm.ini - just replace the existing in your plug-ins folder with the new version and reset the path to the gurm.ini in it.

    First time installation
    If you dont update and downloading GURM for the first time, please be sure to read the readme. It tells you how to setup GURM properly. It is easier than it actually reads

    **** Update 08.01.2009 ****

    Please be aware that this is a beta release. I have tested it myself and didnt have any problems but this doesnt mean that there are none.

    Please be sure to read the readme, cause it helps

    Please tell me, if you have any problems with GURM.

    Thanks for using GURM!

    If you dont know what GURM is, take a look here.

    If you dont know how to use python plug-ins for GIMP, take a look here.
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