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    Map Gilded Lady - A DD3 Tavern

    Well met travelers. My name is Heiandal, the proud owner of the Gilded Lady Tavern in the town of Highmoon.
    If you are planning to visit the 'Keep on the Shadowfell' then it is likely that you will visit my establishment. Despite the views of the local scribes - the Witches of the Cloth (WotC tm), I feel that as Barkeep, I am quite likely to have a view regarding proceedings in my tavern. Harrumph.

    The Gilded Lady was built on the site of the old 'Oak and Spear' tavern that was destroyed by unfettered wild magic in the year of the blue fire (1385 DR). The existing Walnut v walls were used during the construction, but new floor tiles had to be designed to match the town planners decor (the post is currently occupied by the Honorable Mike Schley)

    I have provided a sketch of 'the lady' that was recently produced for our serving maids to assist them in the positioning of the tables etc (the grid helps the poor folk identify the patrons tables).
    The artist, a wayward scoundrel by the name of Goatdealer, has used the lighting to show the location of the patrons at the time of drawing.
    When I asked about the shadowing effects, he produced several bits of thin linen which he called sheets, he says that adding the furniture to its own sheet dependent upon the direction of the lighting has enabled him to make best use of drop shadow and glow effects. Why the babbling fool couldn't use a sheet of parchment is beyond me.

    Ahem, forgive me, I have kept you for too long. Feel free to visit when you are passing.

    All Titles and Marks (TM) acknowledged.
    Special thanks to Mike Schley for the original map.
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    Found in a computer dictionary..Recursive - see recursive...
    Software used - Campaign Cartographer 3, DD3 and CC3.

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