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    Hey everyone,

    This post is just a starter to toss out some of my ideas and begin brain storming on a map I'm going to be working on soon: A clocktower. This map in particular will be the end of a year + campaign, so I'm looking to make it pretty epic. Here is the idea so far:

    The clocktower is a massive 10 floor, 150+ft structure of clockwork engineering (think the palace of westminster), bent to the deranged plans of the Clockmaster (working name). When the players adventure inside to stop the Clockmaster from completing the machine, they discover the building operational but half constructed ( think deathstar two). Inside the clocktower is a whirling death machine, or exploding steam pipes, massive crushing cogs and spring-loaded mechanics.

    Any thoughts on conveying some of these ideas? I'm looking for ideas on what makes a clocktower an interesting place to adventure, and what can be dangerous about it (shifting floors, swinging pendulums, etc). Finally any ideas for artistic direction whould be great appreciated too (including textures, examples, etc). Thanks!
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