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Thread: November Entry: Map Vandal

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    Wip November Entry: Map Vandal

    This sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I have never drawn anything for a science fiction setting before so I think I will throw my hat in the ring. Here is something I started this morning. I am not exactly sure where I might go with this, but any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Nice start, looking forward to seeing more.
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    The numbers throw me off as I don't even know what they refer to...I'm sure it's something but I'm also sure that it's way over my head Might make that text smaller so it isn't so overwhelming. The red planet has 2 moons on the same orbital path (the vertical one). Looks pretty good though so my nits don't really need picking
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    That's a very nifty start , Map Vandal. Nice clean feel to it, and I love the equations. the starfield background is glorious too. I just feel that it needs something more to complete it (but I don't know what it is) - a funky border maybe? Is the story behind the picture the prediction of some sort of meteor or asteroid collision?

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    I like the bold, vivid color on this map. I wish I had half the math skills to figure out all the equations.

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    Let me take some guesses on the equations (I haven't taken any orbital mechanics class or physics beyond regular old kinematics stuff yet).

    m is a mass ratio of some kind. Stellar Mass unit?

    Below are what look to be standard x,y,z coordinates.

    Ve I guess is the velocity of the earth.

    So your change (delta) velocity (V) is Ve times the natural log of a ratio of masses.

    So you get delta-V expressed against your Ve. e^delta-V/Ve for some reason. the minus 1 is probably derived from some difference equation with some calculus fun in there. Capital E is always total energy and that's a very familiar equation: E = 1/2mv^2 or mass times velocity squared. It's just that you've got this strange coefficient inside.

    The topmost equation is a derivative of some kind expressed as relative to mass? (dm/m)

    Lower right, the summation of forces equals delta P (potential energy?) divided by delta t (time), taking the limit as t approaches 0. So some kind of instantaneous force summation defined by P.

    How close am I so far?

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    Niiice entry. I think the path you have shown could stand out more if you removed every other triangle from the line. There is a bit of visual clutter that distracts the eye somewhat. Don't be afraid to use extremely small text. The "m=" text could be significantly smaller and would not negatively impact the map in the least.

    Good stuff
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