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Thread: November Entry: Icarus Starlane

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    Wip November Entry: Icarus Starlane

    Alliance Classified Brief
    From: The Bureau of Naval Intelligence

    The vessel, an Assassin class Scout ship, called the Icarus is believed to have been converted into a smuggler small merchantman. The vessel has no known direct weaponry hardpoints. It is armed with a Tyros class EMP generator, Shinobi 9000 ECM and a yet to be determined short range cloaking device that has allowed it to evade Alliance Patrol Cruisers along the Spinward Fringe.

    The Icarus is believed to be a runner (messenger/smuggler) for the Asahi Shogunate, through a Yakuza surrogate.

    The following is a map depicting the suspected starlane used by the Icarus, based on ground intelligence by the Forward Group.

    Please stand by for further updates.

    Admiral Halleran Keeps
    Bureau of Naval Intelligence
    Criminal Investigative Division

    OK, that was fun! I, like many so far mentioned, have never created a Space Map of any kind, before. So I'm experimenting just like you. I plan to place insets of orbital (and other) views of each landing site, probably 3D imagery of depicted sites.

    As described in the background detail above, this is a map used by the Criminal Investigation Division of Alliance Naval Intelligence, so its not intended for use as a navigational tool, so much as an investigative one.

    I used my old 3D app, Raydream Studio to create the nebula cloud effects and the basis for the galactic sideview. Then I did some post-editing in Photoshop, added some noise for more stars, as well as painted in a few. I then imported to Xara Xtreme, added the stars with the crosses in the nebula, as well as applied a cloud transparency filter on the galaxy. The borders and titling in Xara as well.

    Lots to do: the inset images and descriptions, coordinates, site names, perhaps a grid, and a legend in that striped section at the bottom of the map.


    ### Latest WIP ###
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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