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    Post Read Me Before Posting Here

    This forum is specifically for finished maps only.

    We would prefer that maps have an appropriate WIP thread posted in one of the Mapmaking forums and discussed through to finalization before posting your map in here. Alternately, if you have a map that you consider finished, post it here.

    ***UPDATED RULES!***

    The format of your initial post is now important. We will be changing the way we handle featured maps (Now Cartographers Choice Maps). Featured maps will be hand picked, but you will not be contacted for Artist Notes via PM. Your post in this forum should now at a minimum have a brief write-up of your map and its creation process, and MUST include an attached image of your map. Basically anything you would like displayed with your map should it be picked as a Cartographers Choice Map.

    If you would like an idea as to how this should look. Read the Artists Notes section of any one of the threads here:

    Consequently - Any map posted in this forum that catches the eye of the staff could be scarfed up and featured in the Cartographers Choice forum, which is automatically mirrored on the front page of the website. Therefore, posting your map in this forum grants the Cartographers' Guild consent to feature your map. Copyright still belongs to the poster, and the same general rule for re-use without permission (see note at very bottom of every page) applies, except for the fact that The Cartographers' Guild reserves the right to feature the map.

    Also, it is perfectly ok to go back and edit your first posts in order to meet the requirements.

    If there are any questions regarding this new development and the map featuring process, please bring it up with a staff member in the General Discussion forum or via the Contact Us link.
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