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Thread: Map of the Tirthian Federacy

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    Post Map of the Tirthian Federacy

    And here is a map of my nation in Eshraval, the Tirthian Federacy.

    Full-view is here!

    The style is inspired by Encarta 2004's political map, which I've been tweaking and honing for the past few years. Most of this was done in Adobe Illustrator 12, with some support from Photoshop 9.
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    Seems to be the general consensus around here.

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    Post Just so you know...

    We like nice and clean maps - applying to vector drawn styled maps or hand-drawn work that stays mainly as lineart.

    We also like the opposite of that which would be maps that are more painterly in style or resemble a Satelite view of the ground, with layered terrain features - forest, defineable grasslands, swamps, etc. as in many examples found on the site.

    Illustrator alone gives you nice and clean, whereas Photoshop/GIMP gives you painterly and photorealistic.

    Maps come in many flavors and we like them all - when done well.

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    Exactly. I wish like hell I could achieve that clean look.
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