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Thread: November Challenge: Alien Evidence

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    Post November Challenge: Alien Evidence

    Here is the begining of my entry. The idea is to make a map of the universe but as seen by a primitive race who have been visited by aliens over time. So there are pictures of a rocket, galaxies and images of the aliens, planets moving in retrograde and what might be a space-suit helmet.

    The style and colours are a mixture of Mayan and Chinese with some other motifs thrown in. There is still a long way to go with this, Another annulus around this one will have a star chart as drawn by the primitive race...well that's the idea anyway!

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    very original.
    great work.

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    Yup thats very different ! Nicely done too.

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    Your good. I would have never thought of that. Colors are beautiful.

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    Damn, wish I had thought of this Awesome idea.
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    Absolutely brilliant idea Ravs!

    Almost like a Mayan/Incan/Aztec Stargate.

    I's rep ya just for the idea, but I gotta spread the love around some more....
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    Praise Awesome!

    Awesome idea, Ravs! Wish I'd have thought of it. This one has one of my votes for sure. Have some REP!

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    Post wow

    wow what an entry ravs Great idea for sure

    How did you it? Did you draw the elements?
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    Thanks Sagenlicht, it was all done in Seriff draw plus which is like a poor man's adobe illustrator (but can do about 90%) of what illustrator does and is much easier to use. These days I use it to draw most of my maps if I'm not using photoshop.

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