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Thread: Create a War Map

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    Post Create a War Map

    How about, create a war map. This could be a map of Stalingrad, Berlin or any large city in WW2 or otherwise, create a region of the CWBP showing troop movements, unit encampments, HQ sites, forward operations. This could be a bombadier's map showing bombing targets in an industrial region or port. Perhaps Napoleonic war, with formed units ready to face off in a battlefield. Lots of ways to go on this - though pretty much a city or regional map works best.


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    Yippee! Blood and Mayhem for ALL!
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    Y E S.

    I'm down.

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    I'm all in for this. When not watching sports or History Channel I'm watching the Military Channel (mainly for the maps). Gotta find me some clip art of army men to use as silhouettes.
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    This sounds very interesting...
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    Give me the blood...

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    Post For December Print Challenge...

    Come on guys! This Challenge Idea would be great for a printed map contest, which is what the December Challenge is all about - we just don't have a subject to the contest yet.

    A War Map would be great printed in large format, don't you think?

    If you agree, and haven't voted on this poll yet, please vote - we've only got hours to decide!

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    would it have to be of a historical war?

    could it be a fantasy war ???
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    Post Of course!

    Of course you could do a fantasy war map. The whole idea is to create a map becomes obvious to a viewer that it depicts an active war or battle scene. It could be a plan of attack/defense by a commander, it could be a historic reflection on a past battle. It is not just a map of a location, it is a location at war.

    1. Sieged castle or town with defined artillery and supply lines
    2. Defense of the Dwarven Stronghold against the Drow down below.
    3. The Battle of Britain, or Gettysburg or Thermopolae, or the Alamo
    4. The Scouring of the Shire (Last chapter in the Return of the King, Tolkien).
    5. Whatever you are gaming with at the moment, use it, and create a war map...

    Using map objects or defined areas to show where battle lines are drawn up, encampments, units afield, supply and communication lines, fortifications, defenses, mine fields, artillery lines.

    Let your imagination run as to what genre, military technology, or place in time, if a real battle site - just make it a map at war.

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