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    Update 14.11.2008

    Release 1.1

    • Added an option to change the nebula opacity
    • If you had chosen not to add a nebula but set the param useCustomNebula to 'Yes' the script didnt execute. This has been fixed and the useCustomNebula param will now be ignored if you deselect the nebula.
    • Added an option for the star size.
    • Added an optional glitter effect to the stars

    Please note, that atm if you choose bigger stars, less stars will be generated and your starfield will look much smaller. I wouldnt advice to select something larger than 'normal'. The 'tiny' option is equivalent to the original 1.0 star generation version.

    Please let me know what you think about these changes

    Hmm as I need to do a 2nd starfield for my monthly challenge I decided to wrap it up into a script as I dont like doing something similar twice that could be scripted

    As I couldnt find a starfield script I did one by myself (yes I know maybe my google-fu aint highly skilled).

    A few words of explanation before you use this script.

    Before you start using the script, open your image or create a new one. The script itself wont modify any existing layers but will add its own ones.

    The script itself can do 3 things:

    - Just create a starfield. Use this if you just need a simple starfield.
    For this function please set both Nebula params to 'no' and ignore the Nebula Color.

    - Create a starfield with a 'random' Nebula. Use this if you want a starfield completly filled with a Nebula.
    For this function please set the 'Add a Nebula' param to 'Yes' and the 'Use a custom Nebula shape?' param to 'No'. Set the Nebula Color to whatever color you want, it is looking better with darker colors of its type, so if you wanna have a gray nebula just choose something like 50% gray or slightly darker or if you wanna have a green nebula chose a darker green.
    You wanna use this function if you wanna do an excerpt of your galaxy within a nebula. I dont think you will need this function often, but at least its there

    - Create a starfield with a random shaped Nebula within your selection.
    For this function you have to use the free selection tool before you start the plug-in. Select an area where you wanna have the nebula later on and start the script. Set both Nebula params to 'Yes' and and choose whatever color you like for the nebula. Again darker colors of its type are looking better.

    Have fun with the script!

    Attached is an example how you have to setup a Custom Nebula before you start the script and an example of the result. Please note that every starfield and nebula will look differently as I use random numbers to create them.

    You find the script in your Filters Menu at Sci-Fi/Add Starfield. If you do not see the script, please read here, what you have to do.

    If you tried to add a custom Nebula and you do not see one, you most likely forgot to add a selection before you started the script.

    Please post any comments or problems you have with the plug-in.

    P.S. If I did post this in the wrong section (I am not sure where I have to post plug ins tbh ) please move the threat

    P.P.S. I plan to do a planet script in the next few days as well, so stay tuned
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