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Thread: GIMP Astronomy Plugins

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    Link GIMP Astronomy Plugins

    Here is a link to a set of astronomy plugins for GIMP, including a "realistic" (i.e. modeled) star field and galaxy generator. The star field generator has waaaaaaaay too many options to figure out

    Might be useful for tis month's challenge...

    Here is a sample - a star field and two galaxies:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Post nice find!

    Nice find RobA

    I did take a look on his homepage and guess what they guy lives about 80 km away from me... in the city where I would work if I wouldnt be in parental leave atm
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    Here is a link for something if you are interested in Astronomy too. Its a book that is free to download. You can download all the chapters but it's 'Sun and Moon' which is most relevant. I started the other day and it's pretty interesting. Take a look if you have time.

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