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Thread: PlanetDesigner update post.

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    Post PlanetDesigner update post.

    Hi guys...
    This is Bill R. (PlanetDesigner) - if you remember, I am the author of the TERRAFORMER package for FT PRO.
    I have re-registered at the CC2/CC3/FT PRO Profantasy Yahoo Mailing Group as "zippycube123" (I changed my email).

    I have been inactive for a while due to issues concerning family illness, personal, financial, and work related issues. I am back - and yes - there will be a TERRAFORMER 0.50 (next version), and I AM working on it.

    Just wanted everyone to know that I am still around.

    I will keep everyone posted on TERRAFORMER - and any other projects that might pop up.

    Thank you - and God Bless...

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    Welcome Back!
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    Thank you n.k.!!!
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    Ya!, What NeonKnight Said!


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    Cool, are you going to show us some planets and maybe a tutorial on using it too ? Its always nice to see the dev of an app give it a quick spin so you know what it can do.

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    Post Response

    Yes Red, I'm going to expand the Terraformer Package User's Manual a little bit, and maybe add some tuts on making .lgt and image climate files and such.
    Might even include a short AVI tutorial that you can watch in a movie player (been tinkering with the thought anyway.)
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