We have placed a Creative Commons license on the CWBP and have asked that each image submitted to it likewise use the same NC-BY-SA license, although I'm not sure if that's every been stated clearly either here or on the wiki. (We should think about a FAQ.)

Many of the maps we have made thus far have been derived directly from the original FT world, and even the local maps have been extensively collaborative, such that very few of them are wholly the work of a single individual.

So, given that the NC clause of the project governs most of the maps created for it (i.e., those maps are derivative works), what if someone wishes to sell prints of a map they created? Who is authorized to give permission? If I were to look just at my Tawaren Basin map, NeonKnight created the original FT file, RedRobes (I think) made the heightmap I used, and I owe many placenames and features to Torq, Clercon, Gamerprinter, and Su Liam. It's a bit of a tangled web of copyrights.

My opinion is that we should find a way to relax the NC portion of the license a bit. Perhaps a standard waiver that submitters implicitly agree to which allows a cartographer freedom to profit from their own work if the opportunity arises.

The opportunity hasn't arisen for me yet, but I'm putting together a web gallery of my work, and the CWBP maps are going into it. I'd like to be prepared to answer if some hypothetical person is daft enough to want a print of one of them.