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    Wip Map Orientation

    This is my first attempt at creating a map. I know the style isn't very realistic; I had no idea where to start when making a realistic map. Anywho, I'm pleased with the overall look of the map, and it should serve its purpose (it lost some of its look when I saved a copy in the .gif format; the original .xcf looks much better).

    I have a question to pose, however. Which way should this continent be oriented? I've attached two images of it, they are mirrored. Which do you prefer?

    You can have a cookie if you can guess which one is the original and which is the mirror image.
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    The Map on the Left, with all the Whirlpools in the SouthWest, as the Mountains have the sort of Default looking SHADOW on the Western Slopes.
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    Well, thanks for your input! I think I'm starting to lean to the left as well. The map on the left, that is.

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    For a tip on making it a bit more realistic, rain generally stops on the west side of a mountain I believe, so the eastern side would be a bit more arid, so use darker greens on the left(west) and yellowish greens on the right(east).

    anyways, nice map for your first try! I expect you'll be doing much better in no time!

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    Or reverse that if your coriolis forces are inverted!

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    That's in mid-latitudes. The inter-tropical convergence zone(ITCZ, naively the equator) features easterly winds. That's why the Amazon rainforest is on the west and the Atacama is on the west. Sort of. So why does Somalia look the way it does?

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