Got this in my email today from Bruce, head of ICE (makers of rolemaster and harp, 2 very good rping systems)... thought i'd pass it on to you folk, I may enter, but I'm not sure... it's a good challenge in any regaurd. and if you don't use ICE products and win.. feel free to pass the gift certificates my way (in all honesty i think there are plenty of rolemaster sourcebooks that can be of use to any roleplayer, GM law for one... half of book has nothing to do with any system, just general roleplaying and gming tips.)

<I took this right from the email>
In Praise of Maps

We’ve always considered great maps an essential game accessory here at ICE. Maps round out a great adventure, and make game sessions much more interesting. Most of the original Rolemaster and HARP designers came to roleplaying via wargaming; so a good map has always been especially important to us.

In the past, good color maps could be expensive to come by. But now the internet, color printers, and software have made it much easier to create great maps from scratch. Some of our favorite mapping software and products include 0one games and Dundjinni.

In honor of our favorite gaming accessory, ICE is creating a section on our website where players can post their own map creations. Show us what you can do, by entering our first mapping contest—which spotlights to perennial RPG favorite: the Temple.

To the Temple

Create a useable map of a temple in the ICE Battle Map scale (1” hex equals 3’). It can be an original creation or based on a historical temple, it can be fantasy or futuristic, it can be a map you created for D&D 3.0 or any other rpg game (we won’t tell), but it cannot be a copy of an existing map (see below). If you are so inclined, you can include a brief write up about the map—but please on full scale adventure information. Remember all entries become the property of ICE. For full contest details see (xys) The deadline for all entries in January 31, 2009.

The Rewards

* Bragging rights - maps that meet the entry requirements, are nice looking, useful etc. will be posted on our website for other gamers to download and enjoy.
* The Prize - ICE will select 3-5 winners who will receive gift certificates valued between $25-$75 dollars.
* Your name in lights - ICE will announce the winners’ names in our newsletter and on our website.

Mapping Round Up

Tim & Heike will be reviewing various mapping software and products on our website in the near future. So check back frequently for reviews. We also welcome suggestions about any mapping products you would like us the review.

<if you interested, heres ICE's website, the mapping contest can be found under special features, and contests>