I'm looking for a pen-n-ink campaign map, something along the lines of S. John Ross' work that combines Medieval and Modern cartographic motifs. The map will be for personal use only, and the cartographer has the option to maintain the rights to the work if he/she desires.

Here are some particulars:
  • 2-colors with white background, no faux manuscript textures
  • something that looks nice printed on 11"x17"
  • i will supply a very rudimentary MS Paint version of the map for reference
  • 25-30 different features on the map, including different terrains (marsh, forest, mountains, etc.) and unique sites (towers, monasteries, a village or two)
  • i will label the various features on the map myself

The map will depict a large island and several small, outlying isles. The main landmass should be approximately 280 miles x 120 miles.

If this could be completed in four weeks or less I would be most pleased.