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    Map Swampyville

    A friend of mine asked me to make them a map for their game and gave me a description of what they wanted. It's ended up being a sorta weird scale because it needed the village on the map, but also the surrounding area, so I wasn't too sure if this post should go in region maps or town maps.
    But I guess there is more non-town than there is town, so region seems to suit!

    I didn't have a lot of time to spend on the map as they needed it quite quickly. I've not really done swamps before, nor have I worked at this sorta scale so it was a bit new. Oh, and it's not labled because the person recieving it will be doing that.

    Suggestions for improvement is of course, always welcome!

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    Praise Good job!

    Good job! For not having made a swamp before, I think you nailed the concept.

    My only small nitpick would be if you'd used more of an earthy tone - beige, light brown, tan (mud color) on your land, so the town could stand out a bit stronger against the shallow water.

    Otherwise, very good. Have some REP!

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    I'll second GP's comments, and add that maybe a slight darker tone to the water may/may not add something - for me water in a swamp/marsh always brings forth the image of murky/muddy/algae covered water.
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    Heh seems we've both ran into the same problem here.. I need to do some swamps too, but haven't ever tried it.

    I like yours, though it seems like it's just sitting in the middle of a pond. Of course I've never really seen a real swamp, so I wouldn't know what to expect.

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    I think that this is a nice looking map. I can understand what the others have said about the water color. Maybe a greenish brown color. However, even if you decide that you like the effect the way that it is, it is still a great map!

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    I kinda like the water color, but I agree there should have been more of color difference for the land to make it pop a bit more.

    Is that a road going through the swamp? Its a little odd for the crossroads to be outside the town, rather then the town itself - usually towns spring-up around crossroads. I know you did this to someone's specs, and there could also be some reason related to the terrain (like the swamp itself) that offset the town that way.

    Great Job.
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