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    Map Hello

    Hello !

    Ever since I had started playing RPGs - roughly 25 years ago - I have been fascinated with maps. Thats influenced because I am a strategist at heart. So I have always dreamed about a fully free digital map of the world I play in, which could be zoomed in without limitations. Sadly that isnt really possible with todays technology, but thanks to the tutorials and help I have found here over the last two weeks I have arrived at a compromise that seems to work atm. This "compromise" is done in Photoshop atm and its a 70*70 cm 300 dpi map of a corner of Forgotten Realms ... 1.74 GB ... but I am not really done yet. Needless to say the file takes about 15 minutes to save and I would have done the whole world map, but PS didnt let me.

    When the geography is done I am thinking about trying to put the whole thing into a Campaign Cartographer map so CC3 can handle the towns, roads and labels on the map for different scales.

    So far most of it looks great, but I couldnt even have started it without your help. There are still some things that could look better and others which I havent solved the looks problem of. The mountains look nice and 3D-ish, but I need to do something similar with the cliffs and ridges or it will look funny. Also since the mountains look 3D-ish I have to improve the forest, plains and water again to make them look less flat. So the work still isnt done by far and maybe CC3 can help there ...
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