Hi - this is Bill R., Author of Terraformer For Fractal Terrains Pro.
I am currently in the process of developing the next version of the
Terraformer add-on package for Fractal Terrains Pro, this will be
Terraformer Release 0.50...

I have encountered both very good feedback, and a few complaints -
about the current release 0.001(Alpha) - which is now available for
download from Profantasy on their registration page - for those who
are registering or updating their current version of FT PRO.

Before submitting the next version to Ralph or Simon at Profantasy
for review/approval, I need to hear from you - the users of
I need both the positives and negatives that you have encountered
using my package. I also need your questions and general feedback as

This will aid me in writing the new User's Manual, and in fixing
whatever problems you may have experienced using 0.001.

It would also be nice to hear your ideas about possible
improvements / additions to the package, or any additional resources
that I might use in developing this, and other possible future
versions of the add-on that I might not be aware of.

You may submit your responses either by posting them here at the
guild, or, by sending them directly to my current email
address at zippycube123@yahoo.com....

Thank You - Bill R.

(Also - representatives of Profantasy Software may also contact me concerning Terraformer - and any questions or comments that they may have as well.)