I've been playing DnD for 31 years. I have a thick binder of hand-drawn fantasy maps, and always bemoaned the fact if you made a mistake, it detracted from the final map. Players, of course, were always doing things -- building cities, using magic to change the terrain. Always something new! And the fuss of having to update the map...

I took a couple of cartography classes in college many cycles ago, and learned a lot from using the ink and nibs on the large map sheets, and the terrain transfers were interesting. You learn quick about where you rest your arms!

Several years ago I started digitizing a portion of my campaign, using Freehand 7. Life sort of interrupted that project, but now I seem to have the time, so I'm back at it. My maps are 2d, but I like the layering that Freehand offers. I took a look at some of the campaign mapping programs several years ago, and I must say that it looks like things have improved.

The only non-fiction maps I've done were for an archeology dig and for a book on Tudor history.

I've yet to look around more thoroughly, but looks like I just might learn something, and that's always a good thing.