Hey all. Here's a a new one. I'm kitbashing a new release from Catalyst Game Labs that covers the Draconis Combine capital Luthien. I've been fumbling around for a technique or a workflow that will re-create the planets to my taste using Blue Marble style artwork.

Much work to continue, but I've finally made the switch from CorelDraw to Illustrator and I like some of the changes, don't like others (can anyone tell me how to automatically snap objects to other objects? I need that capability to align things quickly and vertical/horizontal guides take too long).

I followed Ascension's tutorial with a few tweaks. Some of the gradient colors were changed to taste, I used a different mountain color, only used the ocean layer to create reefs, and used the reef layer for other landscape features.

I'll post exactly what I did in Ascension's tutorial thread.

Suggestions welcome, especially on how to get the mountains a little more white and sharp. Contrast?