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Thread: Maps of Scotland

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    Post Maps of Scotland

    Here is a link to the National Library of Scotland's Database of maps of... well... Scotland. LOTS of very high quality maps, organised by creation date. Goes all the way back to 1100 i think, right up to modern. Kinda neat to see how mapping evolved and the different styles from the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Normands, ect.
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    Thanks a lot. This is great. Especially good to see old maps of places you know. My home town is on them - even the 16th century ones! As a note though, it is the National Library of Scotland - there is no University of Scotland.

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    That's pretty cool...bring on the Haggis!!!!
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    Very nice site.

    FYI Its not very Firefox friendly. Most of the larger zooms are only avialable in IE.


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