Hello fellow Mappers!

I've been working on my own big Project, Tolon, for a while now. The project was rather large and I have up till today invested around 120 hours of work into it.

And then, something bad happened. Just yesterday, when a friend asked me to "initiate" him into the mapping (ergo he wanted to know about it) I found out: My *.PSD file was lost. Nowhere to be found.

120+ hours of work lost. Completely.

What remains are a few JPEG files of my 40 megapixel monster I so dearly called "Tolon, my greatest Project!".

Honestly, I nearly cried - over loosing it and over being so much of an idiot that I did not backup the psd file anywhere.

le sigh.

But, who would I be, if I would stop now?

Heavy of heart I began working on something new today and after about one hour of work, I can proudly present the beginning of my new Project, which will - sadly - replace Tolon.

My new Project bears the name of Sembiarch.

What Sembiarch is? No clue. Maybe it's the name of the continent, the planet, a large swatch of land or just a small region. It will define itself whilst I work.

But without further ado, I present to you my first WIP after one hour of work:

Note: The mountains are not finished yet, as are the grass layers. The grass layers will get a gaussian blur filter in the end to smoothen the colors and the mountains will get some in-depth coloration.