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Thread: [CC3/DD3] Revisiting the "No Matching Draw Tool" undocumented-feature!

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    Post [CC3/DD3] Revisiting the "No Matching Draw Tool" undocumented-feature!

    I am having problem with CC3/DD3 showing me a "No Matching Draw Tool" error.
    I just don't understand it.
    I create a new map with my own dimensions, but based on a DD3 template/style.
    I create a floor area using the "Floor" button.
    I click on "Add Corridor" button but decide not to, so select "Cancel"
    Now when I try to draw a floor with the "Floor" button I get the error. (It didn't come up the first time!)

    I am SO confused by CC3 that I have abandoned the software SO many times due to it's vertical learning "curve."

    Any help and a shot of vallium would be appreciated!
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