Good Day cartographers,
I am new to map making and am the creative director for a very ambitious new project. THe project specifically is a fantasy world using an alternate earth theory and a European setting from around 1250 AD.

There are some differences we would like to make that I will be happy to share in detail with anyone interested. At the moment Ravensworth Press is not looking for greatly detailed views of the map. I understand the europe is a large map. We basically need a map the indicates the mountains and terrain and large rivers.

I will be honest and say that I do not know how hard what I am asking for is. I am very new to all this. I do know that much of our creative processes have slowed because at different time we are using road atlases etc... Their are currently 5 developers on the project each tackling a specific race or region. We plan to add 3 more.

The unpaid/Comission part of this is that if and when the work is completed the cartographer would of course be compensated and given a percentage share of the return. I have no idea when that will be or obviously how successful it will be financially. I do know that I have 5 very dedicated writers and 3 more wanting to work with us. We truly need your expertise.

Please let me know if I have posted the wrong information or I need to be more specific or even "Hey pal you are plain crazy nobody is going to do that".

Best Regards,
Andrew J. Franke
Creative Director
Ravensworth Press