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    Post Baseball Field

    This is a different kind of map than most here would probably expect to see here. It's a map of a baseball field, for use in my D20 conversion of the game of baseball. It's very similar to the dimensions of a regulation baseball diamond, differing at most by only 6".

    This image was made largely in Illustrator CS3, with a rasterization in Photoshop CS3.

    P: Pitcher
    C: Catcher
    1B: First Baseman
    2B: Second Baseman
    SS: Shortstop
    3B: Third Baseman
    LF: Left Fielder
    CF: Center Fielder
    RF: Right Fielder
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    That is awesome and creative!

    Very different than the kind of map I'd expect... or the D20 campaign I'd expect for that matter.

    So um...

    Who's on first?

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    It warms me heart, it does, to see me fav'rite sport get some love, dont'cha know.
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    Kinda cool to see something so different, even if I'm not a baseball fan.
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    so does d-20 speed up a game or slow it down?

    nice map by the way
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    I'm guessing that the infielders get attacks of opportunity on the runner?
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