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Thread: November Entry: The Borean Cluster

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    Post November Entry: The Borean Cluster

    Here is my entry for the November Challenge. It's a fairly simple hex-map of a region of space I created in the Star Wars Galaxy.

    It was created using Campaign Cartographer 3.

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good Work!
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    Coolness. I love that this challenge has pulled in so many entries.

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    Huh. I'll have to use that idea for mapping the Inner Sphere. Only 1 hex = 5-10 light years.

    May I?

    edit: agreed. As I said, if you do another Sci-Fi, I may be able to participate next time.

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    Yet anotherr new entry...Cool stuff!

    Though I think a darker background might have worked better - just my opinion
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    Cereth: A good challenge entry in the familiar Star Wars setting.

    Bedwyr: There are maps for the Battletech available on the web.
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    Valerian: These are very well known to me. I was referring to the potential of mounting them against hexes and navigating via hex. Don't know why it never occured to me. I suppose it's not a bit deal since you just do point-to-point travel when jumping systems, but the hex thing intrigues me.

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