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    hi, im currently helping someone out with a map, but cant do the terrain of maps myself. i was hoping that someone here could do it for me. its a pretty simple job, just needs the terrain adding to a pre-existing outline and the current image shows where they need adding. basically, make it into a overview map.

    what i'd like is basic images for the mountains instead of realistic things, just to show that theres mountains there. as i said basic. if you dont understand what i mean, please just ask.

    here is the image:

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    its supposed to be. long story short, its a map for a world in NS2, where it needs various terrains and 5 continants, but there is still one called australia. so we are keeping australia's outline. theres also gunna be 4 more of these for me/you guys hopefully to do at a later date.

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    Do you still need this done?

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