Right now I'm looking for an answer only slightly more than yes/no (exploring technical aspects at present will quickly overreach my comprehension level of the topic), but I haven't encountered any examples of someone doing so. Is there any way to embed links (or other info) into maps, preferably with non-commercial/open source type tools, that aren't more trouble than it's worth or make the files too big/absurdly slow to load? I'm thinking along the lines of tags and pins that open a small box (usually to get directions) in common Google Maps uses, primarily to move quickly to relevant info pages/headings within a setting wiki.

I'm guessing a clickable box, which could be edited later for specific applications/web locations, would be the most flexible and useful since link syntax, etc. can vary. Function would probably vary with scale, e.g., world and regional maps would most likely link to nation or city descriptions as well as smaller maps, while more local (cities, adventure maps and encounter areas and the like) linking to, or simply displaying directly, map key information.