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Thread: Anyone know of Maps of Cliffords Tower York?

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    Post Anyone know of Maps of Cliffords Tower York?

    Just looking at model for game keeps and I came across Cliffords Tower. Wish I was local - I'm in Canada.

    Very pretty and, if I believe the blurbs, Not too too modified from its 13th C. outline.

    Anyone have any reconstructed maps of how it functionned or what it did?

    Would appreciate anything that makes it more useful for gaming.

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    Looks like a typical SHELL KEEP.

    A quick google search gave me this link:

    Not exaclty the same but workable.
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    From what I can gather - since I also dont know this castle - is that its 4 intersecting round towers which is a french design and the keep is almost identical to the one in this link which does have maps. Hope this helps. We dont have any dots on our members map around York yet.

    few extra pics here too

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    Thanks NK.

    Redrobes, you sir, are a wonder!


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    Friend in York,

    I can just imagine that conversation....

    .... Ya, he's a friend in Canada.
    .... No I don't know what he looks like!
    .... No, I've never met him in person. I've talked to him like a dozen times. His name is Sigurd.
    .... No, just Sigurd.
    .... Its for a game.
    .... Yes, a map for a game!

    So when do you think you could do it?

    Oh and he's concerned with scale and accuracy, so be as precise as you can...




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    Oh that's alright then.

    Family .

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