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    Post Maps from another world.

    These are maps I made for a timeline project. Essentially the premise is that in our future time travel and teleportation are invented, but the technologies are so dangerous (especcially time travel) that an organisation is created and is recognised worldwide as the sole regulator and protector of these technologies. Neither technology sees any sort of commerical use.

    Later, it becomes possible to teleport not only across space and time, but also into other universes. These other universes are not fundamentally different from our own, there's no magic and the Earth is dominated by humans (apart from worlds where Earth is uninhabitable). The difference between each universe is history. At various points in time each world saw slight changes in its history that would later have greater repurcussions for their world, rendering the history of humans on these worlds to be different from our own.

    The organisation created to regulate teleportation and time travel technology takes over the regulation of this technology too. Soon, researching this cross-world teleportation technology becomes their primary objective, and they change their name to reflect their current activities. They are now known as the "Institute for the Study of Other Timelines", or ISOT, though they're more commonly refered to as "the Institute".

    The Institute's objective is to investigate other worlds and other histories, so that we may learn more about our own history.

    At present the 181st timeline discovered by the Institute (known simply as "TL-181") is under going a great deal of investigation. The point at which it diverged from our own history is not known, but it is believed to be between 1100 and 1200. The result is a world not entirely different from our own, but one with distinct differences.

    Some of these maps are taken from TL-181 itself, others were made by the Institute to facilitate its research.

    There are some maps that are from Tl-181 that I haven't posted here that are on my DeviantArt account ( ). I won't post them here as they were not made using vectors, and so aren't of a very good quality in my opinion.

    Here are the three maps I have made for this world so far (that use vectors):

    Map 1 - An ISOT textbook page.

    This map is from a page in a textbook made by the Institute concerning the history of East Asia in TL-181. The map itself shows the sub-divisions of the Federal Empire of Chugoku, a post-colonial nation that united in times of economic trouble and fear of invasion. United they are now the power in Asia and are quickly industrialising, their progress spurred onwards by post-industrial Europe's ever increasing demands for more imports.

    Map 2 - A map of North America (called North Carolina).

    A map of North Carolina long after the Spanish colonies on the continent declared independence and other European nations started moving in to take Spain's place, made by the Hamburg Printing Company (considered a reputable and accurate source by the Institute). Germany has gained a foothold on the continent, but Britain is the undisputed master of North Carolina (or at least, it was at the time).

    Map 3 - A map of South and Southeast Asia.

    Again made by the Hamburg Printing Company, this map demonstrates Germany's and Britain's success in this region. Britain was previously the dominant power in the Indian Ocean, but after the Second Anglo-French War France and Germany have managed to curb Britain's power considerably in the region, to the point where Germany is more often considered India's master than Britain is. France has more than a trifling presence in the region, but their true assets lie elsewhere.

    Tell me what you think, comments and criticisms are welcome. I'll update this thread with new maps from TL-181 as I make them.
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