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    Post Introduction and THANK YOU

    The name's Yvain Wintersong (or occasionally just Scott), Special Cartographer for the Micronational Cartography Society. We've been doing map simulations for simulated countries of various stripes for the past decade or so.

    I want to shoot myself for doing cartography so long without knowing this place existed. I've been lurking here for about a year playing catch-up, and I'm finally getting myself up to a standard where I'm not embarrassed showing my face here every so often

    So this post is just a big THANK YOU to everyone who has ever posted a tutorial. Special thanks to Pyrandon, Jezelf, Ravells, Rob, and whoever posted that one Photoshop mountains brush (you know, the awesome one).

    Some of my work:

    Micras political map (warning: large file)
    Micras physical map (warning: large file)
    Republic of Shireroth (in the northwest of Micras)
    City of Hyfrost (you can find it on the Micras political map if you have a lot of free time)
    City of Kamalshahr (ditto, most of the credit on this one goes to my friend Hesam)
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