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Thread: Hi, newbie here

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    Post Hi, newbie here

    Well as this is the place to say Hi I will do just that.

    Ive been using CC3 with the Cosmographer plug-in for some of the Traveller maps in Avenger books for a while now.
    Started using the Fractal Terrians demo and found it an excellent program for mapping but Im still learning the basics on this one.


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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Any questions on CC3? Post them with CC3 in the Subject Line!
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    Thanks for the welcome.

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    Cheers, that very good of you to say so.
    I have always thought that Martin is one the best writers for Traveller and so when I got the chance to join Avenger it was a no-brainer of a choice.
    Type S was my first chance to make maps (I sort of got drafted into the position) and now that Ive learned more and practiced I feel that their getting better.


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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Martin is indeed a master of the craft!

    It's a matter of personal taste but I've always found CC powerful in some ways but utterly frustrating in others (I have a lot of affection for CC and have used it for many years). I would suggest that you try a vector drawning program like inkscape just to see the difference between software which is less CAD oriented than CC is, although to be fair, I haven't tried CC3 which looks like it comes with some vast improvements.

    My two traveller contributions to the guild are a subsidised merchant (from a few years back) which is here - I think I could make a much better job of it now, and a start I made on this map request of a broadsword class which may take more time to fill. If you want the bomb on Traveller ship design. I'm still just playing with the design of it and it's in very early stages. Arthur Pollard from the QLI boards is the guy to talk to - the stuff he designs (using a CAD based program, I believe!) is the bomb.

    I guess I just find maps more fun than deck plans these days!

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    CC3 is handy when used with Cosmographer Pro as it allows me to make up Traveller sector/subsector maps in minutes - a lot easier than drawing them.
    For a newbie to all this mapping stuff what in people opinions is a good easy to operate program to use ?, deckplans are something that in time I guess I'll end up trying and mapping planets and closer locations on them will be more and more important.


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    I wrote my traveller adventure in microsoft word, and used cosmographer for the subsector graphics, but found that word is terrible at importing graphics, especially when there is text involved. I ended up just doing the subsector graphics using word's drawing tools, which gave crisp results because they were native to word. Attached below.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Yeah that works well, easy to understand.
    Cosmographer does give good result to.

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