To quote The Lord Of The Rings and Samwise Gamgee 'He took a deep breath and said "Well, I'm Back".' and yes I am back, though maybe not as active. All those that remember me from I don't know how long ago, I must apologize for my brief appearance a sudden disappearance. It is a phenomenon I like to call "The Spontaneous Odom Experience". There has been many times when I will come to an Online Community, quickly assimilate myself amongst the big names by posting a flood of information, impressing people with my knowledge and/or actions, and make quick friends. Then as fast as I came to the Community I disappear leaving behind much unfinished, amongst other things. It's because my mind is like a melting pot of ADHD, High Intelligence, and Extreme Creativity, and therefore I get easily bored with a project and distracted by something else. I can't even remember what it was that distracted me from Cartography but it must've been something good because Cartography and ConWorlding is one of my favorite hobbies. So I return to Cartographers Guild to see surprisingly little activity (I had like three Notifications after several months when I used to have like 3 to 5 every day!) and I return with the intent to finish what I started and perhaps start more things.

The first thing I will finish is The "Atlas Of ArkEarth" Project and My "Guide To Hand Drawn Atlases". Then I will attempt to finally learn how to use Inkscape and The GIMP from the many masters I have met here. Last I intend to, over time, upload quality images of all my maps so that I may display them both here and on other sites.