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Thread: New DM mapping tool download link (Alpha)

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    Post New DM mapping tool download link (Alpha)

    Hi all
    In the thread I mention an ambitious mapping tool (well, in fact is a DM tool that includes a mapping app). Today I have uploaded the installation files so you can give it a try.

    Go to and download it.
    • doesn't includes any runtime, nor setup. Simply unzip the file in a folder and run dmhelper.exe. If you don't have any runtime the app won't work.

    At the time you can generate region maps (color, temperature and heightmap maps); put, move, and search for local pins (there are some villages, castles and cityes icons); zoom in and out, use a customizable grid and a minimap, etc

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    Pleaseee some feedback!!!!!

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    If it does everything you say it will, then it sounds impressive. Unfortunately, I don't have whatever runtime you're using, so it won't run for me.
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    Don't worry Midgardsormr, It's probable you dont need any runtimes... Give it a try... And If you need the runtime libraries I can post them...

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    Erm... I did give it a try.

    "Run-time error '339':

    Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"
    I could probably track down the missing file(s), but I'm in finals week, and that seems like a poor use of my time (he says as he posts on a web forum).
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Check this link - if/when you have time.
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    Thanks. Allow me to hit you in the face with my rep-mallet.

    Dangers of running TinyXP, probably.
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