Hello again, CG!

First off, Darkfall Online is a MMORPG that is expected to come out soon. It is said to have a HUGE, handcrafted 3d world that would take hours to traverse.

Although it might require a bit of learning about DF (Darkfall) in order to understand this linked thread below that I made, I wanted to share my analysis with CG because this topic interests me, and I think it might interest some of you. Also, there are mappers here that outshine me in every way.


The reason this is neat is that the game is not yet released. It is in closed beta, so almost no one knows for sure the exact size of Darkfall's flat planet "Agon." And though it is all speculation, I tried my best to find the most accurate answers and calculate the size of Agon. So far, opponents to the idea say that the game developers stated that it would take 8 hours to walk across. Comments?