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Thread: My site should be up tomorrow night

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    I know I said this before, but my Gamer Printshop Ecommerce site should be done and tested by tomorrow night. The solution I thought I had last month required too much coding by me - and I ain't a coder! For the time being I'll only have US Postal Service for shipping, until I can get a "shipping module" from UPS to stick into the site code.

    Anyway, I thought I'd show off some of the categories/subcategories that will be available on the site.

    You'll notice the top left image is for the Guild! These are maps that are properly scaled for large format printing. Selected or "made available" guild maps will be made print to order, with $2 added on top as "donation" to the guild. Many of my maps will be including, though a few will be separate.

    The second tier and first half of the third tier will be subcategories under Guild Map category.

    All of Anna's maps will be available too. I will add her "Cartographers Choice" map to the Guild, though the remainder will be in her own category - the one next to the top left.

    You'll also notice the Battle Tech maps, apparently the guys at several CBT sites, want my maps now, so I created a category just for them.

    The last two subcategories shown are my own products, though the Dungeon Tiles are from my August Challenge entry. When I created them I had always intended them for a product.

    Anyway, my category graphics, so far (I will be creating a few more...)


    PS: I'll post an official announcement in the News forum when its up and working!

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    Cool, I look forward to checking out the online store once it is ready.

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    And of course, when I get back from this conference I'm at this week thats keeping me from spending any administrative duty time here, I'll be setting us up to better reflect this relationship. Sorry for the scarcity
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    Cool stuff GP!

    Hope you have oodles and oodles of business.
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