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Thread: Today's Givaway of the Day: Project Dogwaffle

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    Link Today's Givaway of the Day: Project Dogwaffle

    Today's GOTD:

    Project Dogwaffle 2 is a paint program for the PC which also includes animation features. Started in 1997 as a project to work around shortcomings of the established ‘big guns’ tools used in the professional community, it is loaded with fast or realtime filters for color enhancing in digital photos and animations, special effects and many built-in natural media brushes.

    Dogwaffle also has powerful user-defined custom and animated brushes, fractal particle brushes, full tablet support, non-opaque layers, artist guides, powerful color gradients, great text tools, special FX for sky, snow, wet paint and even effects used commonly in 3D CG such as lens flares, as well as full Alpha support with direct painting on Alpha. Perfect for the hobbyist on a tight budget who likes to explore colors and shapes, and equally useful for web artists, game content creators, cartoonists, designers as well as in digital photography and traditional animation, Project Dogwaffle almost lets you paint the natural way - but without the mess.
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    I love how lens flares have become so beloved of the CGI world. Cinematographers do everything they can to avoid them in the camera, then the vfx people put them in anyway!
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    Hehe, RobA beat me to the announcement I was about to post. I'm glad that folks are liking GotD. There is a ton of garbage that they put up, but every once in a while you get a real gem like this one.
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