Gamer Printshop's online map catalog is now active!

You can visit my site through the tag in my sig - click on any of the Online Store or POD links to take you there. You will be required to register an account.

I have all of Anna's Greyhawk maps currently uploaded and available, as well as several of my own products, including the new Battletech maps. I still have to upload over 30 maps from E.N. Publishing War of the Burning Sky campaign maps, as well as a dozen Modern Floorplan maps from 12 to Midnight.

Despite this the cupboards are bare - I will be loading all of my CG posted maps into their various Category/Subcategories, over the next few days.

When Arcana gets back we will solidify all mechanisms to get Guild maps into the Ecommerce site. Rather than creating a Guild Category, I chose to make Cartographers Guild (manufacturer/publisher). Each CG map description will include the name of the actual cartographer.

Check it out!


PS: I will add to this thread as more features, publishers and CG involvement becomes available.