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Thread: Second Map: Sharbul Region

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    Map Second Map: Sharbul Region

    Hello to all. Today I post a new map, made totally in CC3. I call it "Region of Sharbul" and the italian words stay for:
    Pianure Verdeggianti: Green Plains
    Colline Krill: Hills Krill
    Wastelands: Wastelands, lol!
    Regione Bianca: White Region
    Pineta Gigante: Giant Pine Forest
    Red words = Region and areas
    Black words = Important towns and cities
    Sky Blue words = Rivers
    Click on it. I hope you like it!!

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    Your map layout is very nice. The area where Riot is located is done well. I can see that like a real area in my imagination! However, IMO from my style is maybe you can put some of the hills together to have a decent flow. But other than that, its good.

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    Yeah, I know, I made the hills bad. In next map, I will make their better! Thanks for suggestion.
    PS: only now I know the very mean of the term "riot"...

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    Looks like lord of the rings, very nice.

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