So, I suppose I should offer some sort of introduction, yes?

Let's see, get the details out of the way first, right?

I've been Role playing and writing for nearly 25 years now and still haven't perfected either craft. For about the same amount of time, I've been an artist as well, but am further away from perfecting that craft than the previous two.

I got introduced to Fractal Terrains (and Campaign Cartographer) back in their early years, but after giving up on DnD (for Hero Systems) I started to drift away from CC and focused on FT. I'm currently working on several worlds and a few tutorials (well, actually just detailing my approach to world building) that I hope to put up on a host one of these days (basically when I find a local host that doesn't charge an arm, leg and my first born child).

My main focus right now is the development of a world for a series of stories and/or novels, and the sad part is, I will probably end up with more pages of stuff about the world than I will the stories. Go figure!

Anyways, I've had a chance to read through a few things here and really like what I see. Makes me wish I had joined the guild sooner, but, as they say, live and learn.