Greetings all. I am presently working on my personal campaign setting, Brenham, and have been using AutoREALM to design the overland map. Its present incarnation is presented here: Map of Brenham

I like what I have thus far, but I'd like to find someone who can take this map to the next level. I do believe I've fleshed it out into about everything I'd like in the overland map, at this point I'd just like it to look more like a good, D&D-worthy map, better textures, blended terrain, etc. I'm not particularly picky concerning a style, as long as it basically looks better than what I've done.

As stated, it would be an unpaid project, perhaps something good for your portfolio to illustrate how you can improve an existing work. I can provide the original AutoREALM files as well if you'd want to modify what's in there. I'm a big fan of CreativeCommons licensing, so I would prefer the work you create be CC open in some method. My work is Attribution-Share Alike.

You can read more about the setting at the link above, perhaps draw a bit of inspiration from it, unfinished as it is. If you're interested, share your results here, or contact me off-board. Thanks!