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Thread: Uninstalling CC2

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    Question Uninstalling CC2

    Greetings: I've finally done the upgrade to CC3, DD3, CD3 and the two symbol sets. I also had the CC2 Source maps (Castles and Temples blah-blah-blah.)

    Now that I've installed all of the CC3 elements, can I uninstall CC2? Does the CC3 upgrade pull in the Source maps stuff I had installed with v2? Can I use the source maps with CC3?


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    Your best bet if you want to unistall CC2 and only go with CC3 is to do the following:

    UnInstall EVERYTHING from Profantasy (yeah, that means your CC3 and stuff right now), once everything is gone (make sure you keep your maps and stuff though )

    Then follow the instructions at ProFantasy's site for installing CC3, DD3, CD3, the two symbol Sets, and the patches. After that, check and see if they have a CC3 upgrade patch for anything from CC2 you want to use with CC3.
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